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Specialists in sourcing and importing used cars
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About Us.

In 2011 after 27 years of holding various franchises such as Nissan, Renault, Kia and Chevrolet a collective decision was made to resign all franchises so that we could concentrate on perfecting a quality used car business with special emphasis on sourcing and importing from Great Britain. It was this very ethos that helped create our business 30 years ago.

At the Mordaunt Group you will experience two different types of selling. You can experience traditional forecourt browsing where we try to stock Europes 25 biggest sellers or by allowing us to source your next car through our virtual programme called wesourcenecar.com. Click he to be directed www.wesourcenecar.com

Through this site we supply premium product at prices that allow us advertise as the top 10 cheapest online. The Mordaunt Group are officially the only virtual car sales dealership in Ireland. All of the stock displayed has been handpicked by the owners because of its quality and history. We source locally, nationally and in different locations in the UK. We have been sourcing quality approved, low emission cars across 16 different locations since 2009. Our efforts over the last 20 months have been covered by national & international media including RTE, BBC, Bloomberg TV and The New York Times.

We are located in Clonmel town which is in South Tipperary where our business has been serving for over 30 years since 1982. We are the oldest motor dealership in Clonmel. During your navigation of our website you will be prompted to view video footage that explains how we are different to conventional dealerships. We are totally independent therefore we are best placed to offer people genuine advice on what best suits their needs.

Author, speaker & business man George Mordaunt is the MD of the group. George joined the company in 1986. More recently he has attracted significant media attention after publishing two books - Back In The Driving Seat & the critically acclamied Shepherds Pie. More details are available at www.georgemordaunt.com

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and furthermore we hope that you are impressed with our portfolio of used cars. Our site, our approach & our pricing are all designed to facilitate and assist used car buyers during these difficult economic times. We believe that our unique approach to selling and sourcing will prove to be very relevant in your search. Quality is assured as our 30 year service to our customer base demands it.

We hope you enjoy your experience.


Mordaunt Group
Carigeen Roundabout,
Powerstown, Clonmel,
Co. Tipperary


Phone: +353 (52) 6126999